Tuesday, 23 August 2016

A typical day of rainfall in Port Harcourt.

A typical day of rainfall in Port Harcourt is a day of torrential downpour. You know,soaked to the skin kind of rain.
New comers to the Garden City are always angry at the kind of weather found in the city but the city dwellers do not care much.

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Have you heard of the popular phenomenon,One week rain?.
One week rain means a full week of rainfall. Seven days non-stop. It does not rain heavily throughout but it alternates between heavy and light showers.

The residents are used to it . All we do is go out with our umbrellas and enjoy our showers of blessing.

We are also happy because immeadiately the rain stops,the flood clears almost .

Watch Out. Your mechanic overcharges you through these means.

No matter how knowledgeable you are about cars,you will still be conned by your mechanic,especially if you are a "Woman-driver".

Listed below are major ways you are milked financially by him.

1.Trial and error
 A large number of mechanics have little experience and knowledge about the well-being of cars. Working on modern vehicles demands unprecedented talent and training. In the bid to fix the problem, more problems arise.

 2. Charging for unnecessary repairs
 A mechanic diagnoses a problem, repairs it and – surprise, surprise – the problem is still there. They then re-diagnose it as a different problem and repair that. Eventually, the mechanic repairs the original defect but charges the customer for all the repairs. In some other instances, the mechanic is fully aware of other faults in your vehicle but will keep mute so as to get you to come back and pay more.

3. Misdiagnosing something that is not faulty
 Sometimes to pad their bills, mechanics will tell a customer non-defective parts need to be replaced. Your brakes need to be resurfaced? They’ll tell you to get them replaced. Other parts on the car can be repaired? They’ll suggest replacement. Like unnecessary repairs, unneeded parts being sold to you are also a trick for major extortion.

 4. Purchase of inferior parts
 Mechanics in Nigeria are in this habit. The car owner pays for authentic parts for repairs, they will not only double the price of parts, they go as far as getting inferior parts which will eventually cause more damage.


Thanks to my former mechanic for these words; Bottom plate,Tie rod,Bushing,Kickstarter,Oil filter,Battery head,Camber,Fan belt etc. I am not very sure about the spellings but those parts kept "spoiling" one after the other till i changed to another mechanic and these problems stopped.

Meet another female barber

Sewe Kristina Lornungu is a barber based in Benue State. She operates at her popular salon called Krystal Barbers at Yina Junction,International Market Way,Markudi.
See more pictures below....

Women of Nigeria are really breaking boundaries.

Monday, 22 August 2016

Who wore it better?

This beautiful top was seen on legendary actress and Principal of Project fame Academy,Joke Silva and her younger colleague and daughter-in-law to a billionaire,Dakore Egbuson.

So,who wore it better?
Dakore or Mummy J?

Where is Peter"Mr P" Okoye.

For sometime now,our favourite celebrity, Peter Okoye has been quiet. During Psquare 's "gbege time",he was very visible on all the group and his personal handles on Social Media.
Some days after their reconciliation,they told us that a new song is in the works.  
We are waiting.

I am in the mood for some real music and some testosterone -driven, hard  and completely beautiful dancesteps. 

Go Peter!Go Paul!! Go PSquare.

Usain Bolt; Great Star of the track and greater star of the bed.

Usain Bolt is a star and he wins in every race he partakes in.
Yeah,he is a winner in coital tumbling too.
A 20 year old student from Rio,Jady Duante, has released suggestive pictures she took with Bolt.
Picture below shows Usain Bolt in action while the sneaky girl took pictures.

The lady while speaking to a local newspaper that she did not even know she was with a famous athlete all through their encounter.

See what the lady wrote on Whatsapp and a reply she got.

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Yoga exercises for flabby arms.

Flabby arms,also known as Christian mother arms are what every woman detests.
Jiggly arms are caused by body fat or age.

By practicing yoga postures, combined with a healthy lifestyle that includes regular fat-burning aerobic exercise and a healthy diet, you can work toward sporting the arms you want.

Effective Yoga Exercises for Flabby arms include;
Hands-to-wall pose: Stretch your hands out at shoulder height, point fingers towards each other almost touching, press into your palms, bend your elbows and lean your body toward the wall in front of you, hold for 15 secs and slowly push away from wall.

 Plank: Get down in a standard plank position but remember to keep knees and back straight.
straightening the arms.
Yoga poses that require you to use your own body weight or resistance are the most effective ways to begin. Here are some particular exercises for flabby arms that are proven to be more effective.

Hands-to-Wall Pose
Hands-to-Wall is a great example of a yoga pose to work on your flabby arms.
•Standing arm’s-length in front of a wall, place your hands at shoulder height.
•Rotate your wrists so your fingers are pointing toward each other and almost touching.
•Press into your palms, bend your elbows and lean your body toward the wall, resisting the whole way. Your arms may tremble, but that means the pose is doing its job of toning.
•Lay your forehead on the wall and breathe for five to 15 seconds and then push away from the wall slowly, keeping your body straight throughout.
•Repeat the maneuver up to 10 times.

Plank Pose
Plank pose, practiced on a regular basis, will tone your triceps very quickly.
•For traditional Plank, start off on all fours on the floor, with your fingers pointing forward.
•Turn your toes under and position your shoulders over your wrists.
•Lift your knees off the floor and straighten your body, neither lifting your buttocks too high nor letting your belly droop toward the floor.
•Breathe steadily as you hold Plank for 30 seconds; add more time as you get stronger.

Please,do NOT let the "Christian mother" into your life before you can start these Yoga moves.

Additional words by me.
Pic credit....Miss J.

Sunday LOL

Kudos to our gold and silver medalists,Adekunle Gold and Joke Silver.

All na film na


Chris Bolt

Hahahahahaha. So funny. Erm,you like?

Abeg,make una leave me with my over born-born,who under-borning epp

Nigerian actress, Mercy Johnson has warned people to let her and her family be. This she said after she was criticized for having her kids in quick succession.

I feel that when you haven’t gone through life and you don’t have a bearing in life, that’s when you see certain decisions as unreasonable. Most of these people who make these statements have not even realised what they want to do with their lives yet.
The super actress who told us her reason for having three kids in three years ,revealed that we should be expecting baby number four from her and Odi,her husband.

According to her,

I had planned my life right from when I was growing up. I arranged my life the way I wanted it to go. And that is why even when I was at the peak of my career and marriage came, I grabbed it because I know age keeps going and time waits for no one.

“It means that I can have all of my four kids and then still get back to shape and come back to what I love to do. So I am not going to say things like, ‘I don’t want to have kids yet’ or ‘I am not going to get married and I want to keep acting because the young shall always grow’, you are not going to be number one forever. That is why when it is time for you to do something, you do it. Yoruba will always say in their prayers that when the time for a child to talk has come, by the grace of God, she will talk. When it’s time to go to school, he will go to school. That’s what I’m trying to do. I want to define my life in a way my daughter will want to define her own life,” she said.

On how she copes with family life and her career,she said,
“I think what has got me this far is placing my decisions on a scale of preference. I love what I do, I adore my husband, I adore my kids, so every time I have to make a decision, I 
pick which is more important, and I start from there. I understand the home front is more important so I manage my home and create time to do what I have to do. I think that has helped me get this far,”

Saturday, 20 August 2016

Boy invents fan that runs for nineteen hours without electricity.

A young man named Ukoma Micheal has produced a fan that can work without electricity. He built the fan with wire meshes and it is powered by a battery.
The fan can operate for nineteen hours,if the battery is fully charged.
 See more pictures below:


He has even packaged his product for sale.

Congrats to this inventor of our time. Governor Okorocha,you have a genius in your state.

Chinua Achebe was not exposed when he wrote "Things Fall Apart". The book should be buried and never resurrected.

If you are an avid Facebook user,you will know Onyeka Nwelue. He commands large followership because of his outspokeness,humour and great writing skills.
Yesterday,the 28 year old widely travelled Professor he caused a near-rampage on Facebook with the interview he granted PremiumTimes. He talked on Chinua Achebe and his famed and Internationally acclaimed book,Things Fall Apart. As expected,the world called for his dreadlocked head on a wood platter.

," I think Things Fall Apart should be buried and never made to resurrect".

He continued," Yes,Anthills of the Savannah is a very beautiful book,it is well written.But i don't agree with Things Fall Apart being called the great African novel by everybody. There are better books.
If you have read Things Fall Apart and have read what young people write these days-people like Helen Oyeyemi,Diekoye Oyeyinka and Chigozie Obinna-you would know that Achebe's writing of Things Fall Apart at that age was not intelligent;he was not exposed.

Some people labelled this interview a publicity stunt,but Onyeka has made his opinion known.

Friday, 19 August 2016

Ladies,Be warned

Show me a lady that does not like the comforts a Private Jet offers and i will show you where you can buy a dollar for N35.
When you are searching for that Special One,an unspecial one will come in the guise of the One you need. Money,class,kindness,religion,he has got them all.
Scratch the surface and the putrid smell escapes.

In your search for your life partner. Be careful,be selective and above all,Ask God,not your Pastor.

Meet the highest paid CEO in Nigeria.

Sola David-Borha,according to reports,is the highest paid CEO in Nigeria.
She is the CEO of Stanbic Bank and wait for it,she makes N484,000 or thereabout daily and annually,takes home N177m.

See how simple she looks .

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Happy birthday to the Booest Boo.

Today,18th of August is my boo's birthday.
The man after my heart.
The man who laughs at my dry jokes.
He who over the years is the wind beneath my wings.
He who supports my academic dreams.
My love. My Lion.

People always ask how we cope because we are so alike,yet so different.
He is ultra careful and keeps things where they ought to be while i love keeping things where they are not always meant to be.

He is an indoor person,i am an indoor person too. We do not love going out.

We both read a lot. We are bookworms

He is great with figures while i am great with " non-figures".

Enough of our story. Abeg,help me wish my husband,dh,booest boo and "unconditional BAE" a happy birthday.

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Port Harcourt Boys are the salt of the earth. Quote me.

For one to be called a real Port Harcourt boy,you must be in the Oil sector,directly or indirectly. You must be working in Shell,TotalFinaElf,NNPC,
Halliburton,etc. You are there as a staff ,contract staff or hanger on?. All join.

Again,you may be in the Oil Services arm of the industry or any affliated company or you hang out with the real PH boys. Then you are a Port Harcourt boy.

PHBs do not show off. No they do not. If you are a young lady and you are loved by a real PHB,babe,you are made. Leave the Abuja and Lagos boys,stick to your PHB.
These guys work in establishments,so you see them mostly in English wear. They almost always look like models from a GQ magazine. No kidding.
They are that good looking. Okay,truth be told,some are not so good looking but good outfits answereth all things,right?.

A real PHB loves his family and will do everything to make them happy. Trutogod. Then,if you are lucky and you get married to one that loves you COMPLETELY,mbok,thank the Lord.

If you are a lady and you love them tall,dark and good looking,please relocate to Port Harcourt. The home of real catfish and Original Bole and sauce.

Port Harcourt boys love to enjoy themselves. They make those millions in a month,so what better way than to take you round town,buy you stuff,then show you the stuff they are made of afterwards.
PHBS are rich,soooooo rich,cute,kind and downright sexy. What else could you ask for?.

How on earth can you shake what your mama gave you when you do not have it?

I love Moyo Lawal. She makes me laugh. Yeah,she does. She has this smile that makes you that makes you wanna smile.

So,does Moyo do booty shots?. You know,those shots that make the booty grow ovenight?.
Here is her answer:

So,if you want a booty like hers,eat right and do squats. Simple. That is the only way to shake what you got from mama dearest.

Sorry Nigerians. Tonto does not want you guys to see her son's face yet.

Tonto is still pulling this celebrity stunt,seven months after her son's birth.
In a picture she posted on Instagram,she cropped the baby's head. Trust Nigerians,they tore into her.

As if Charity Tonto Dike cares. Lol

Tuesday, 16 August 2016


Parents pay through their noses for their children and wards to school in some Private Schools. In my city,some schools are are so expensive it is absurd. Yeah,some schools pay more than one million a term and some of these schools even ask for some parts of the fees to be paid in dollars or pounds.

Now to the salary paid the teachers in these expensive schools. The salary is sometimes poor. 

Government schools are filled with qualified teachers who are paid according to the salary structure of the state they are serving. 

So,do you agree with the picture?

Young Man goes into " Corporate" Yam Selling

In this hard times,there are many ways to survive,according to this young man,Chris Ndukauba.
So,he chose this;YAM SELLING.

Most people eat yams and definitely,he must make sales. So,if you want yams,whatever the quantity,call and discuss with him.
Bravo,young man. May God bless your hustle.

Popular Nollywood actor opens up; I had to turn to shoe mending to survive

Olaniyi 'Sanyeri'Afonja is a popular Nollywood actor. He mostly plies his craft in the Yoruba genre .
He opened up recently on his struggling days.
Read on.....

"The suffering I endured was really extreme. After I finished my secondary school education, I did not have a job so I delved into the theatre world. I did it for some time but I was not being paid even when I went everywhere with the group and was helping them carry their costume.”
 “I had to learn how to repair shoes so I became a shoe cobbler. Eventually, I left Oyo town and came to Lagos to find greener pastures but still I was not earning anything from acting.”

 “I became a mobile cobbler. I would put my materials in a wooden box, place it on my shoulder and start hitting it as I walked the length and breadth of Idumota.”
 “I would constantly hit my wooden box as I walked about to call the attention of people. Then nobody knew me so I kept hitting my box all over Idumota.”
 “I remember I had a handkerchief I used to cover my face because of my tribal marks.”

 “The reason I concealed my tribal marks was because the Igbo boys at Idumota had the belief that if they did not give their shoes to a Ghanaian cobbler, no one could do a better job.”
 “If they saw my tribal marks, they would think I was one of the touts that would normally come to disturb them for money for shop and they would not give me their shoes to repair.”

 “When I saw that being a shoe cobbler was affecting my career as an actor, I had to quit and face acting squarely. I thank God that good fortunes have come my way.”

Thank God he made it. Life would have been incomplete without his comedy.

Monday, 15 August 2016

Picture of the Day

What on earth are these nuns wearing?
Or is it from the picture?

Anambra state;The Land of Milk and Honey

Do you know where that wonderful place in the picture is found?.
Ok,let me tell you. 

Anambra State
The Land of My birth
The Land of my ForeFathers
The Land of great Industries

Anambra State
The Land of Manufacturers
Land of Industrialists
Ezigbo obodo ego juru na ya
(Land of abundant cash)

Salutations to our Action Governor,Chief Willie Obiano. Jisie ike.

So,dear friends,what is your state and Governor's name? Is he living up to expectation? Or is he owing backlog of salaries? Let us talk about our leaders today.