Monday, 22 May 2017

Hurray!!!!. Gemini Season is here

I love this season. Gemini Season. It runs from 21st of May to 21st of June. 

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Monday, 15 May 2017

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Segun Arinze's daughter blasts him for wishing her a happy birthday.

Segun Arinze's Daughter

Segun Arinze wished her daughter from ex wife, Anne Njemanze a happy birthday and what did he get in return? Please read on....

Wow. The young lady is not happy with Segun. She kept calling him Sir.

Hospital provides masks for women too shy to go for gynaecological tests


The gynecology ward at the Nong Krot Hospital, in Thailand’s Kamphaeng Phet province, has introduced a new style to one of their operations. This involves both patients and staff wearing masks to conceal their faces during the Pap Smear tests. This innovative was made to make the shy ones feel comfortable in the clinic. Afterall with a mask, everyone is anonymous
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Animal Rights Campaigners call for the arrest of a man that posed naked on a dead shark.

Some  animal rights campaigners are hunting for this man who was seen in a picture ,naked and posing on a dead shark.

When your husband and your Crush meet up. Lol

Jidenna(her crush) and Banky(the husband)

Last April,Adesua Etomi confessed to the whole world that Jidenna is her crush. Not long afterwards she married Banky. 
Read what she wrote after the cut

Linda IkejI's kid sister is engaged.


Africa's richest blogger, Linda Ikeji's baby sister is getting married. This news was broken by her big sister,Laura Ikeji.

Saturday, 29 April 2017

Security operatives arrest two men for stealing generators

The two men were caught by security operatives after they allegedly stole a motorcycle and two " I pass my neighbour"  generators . 
This incident occurred at Ogoni Camp, Umuebulu ,near  Port Harcourt in the wee hours of April 26th,2017. Reports say one of the men was just released from prison.

So sad.

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

OMG. DebbieRise looks amazing in new pictures.

# BBNaija finalist,DebbieRise looks very pretty in this picture she took with her beloved guitar.


Another Apostle lands in trouble over s3x chats

An apostle has been publicly shamed after alleged sex conversation with a college student was leaked.
The apostle, identified as Trevor Mawoyo, of the Christ in Action International Ministries, Zimbabwe boasted of being great in bed as he got his moves from watching pornographic materials.
Do you watch porn movies, l bet you do coz l f**k like porn stars even better than them,” part of the chat reads.
“Man of God? l will expose you of your evil deeds, shame on you,” the student in response replies.

Ebonyi state Governor bans the use of Fanta and others in events

The Governor of Ebonyi state,His Excellency,David Umahi,has banned the serving of Fanta,Coke and Sprite in government functions. According to him, it is harmful to health

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Marvis and friends hosted to a private dinner in Port Harcourt

Beautiful #BBNaija finalist and Eleme Princess,Marvis has returned to Onne Kingdom after her sojourn in the #BigBrotherNaija House

Wife beats husband mercilessly , drives him out of their house

A 67-year-old man claims his wife of decades and their son beat and chased him away from their matrimonial home in Kanjuku village in Githunguri, Kiambi County ,Kenya

Meet Kanayo O. Kanayo's beautiful daughter

kanayo o kanayo daughter

Wow. Folks,  Kanayo O. Kanayo, the Nollywood A-lister has a beautiful daughter who just turned seventeen(17).

The proud father wrote:

Her name is Valerie. She is my only daughter. She is 17years today. I call her ULOAKU. Happy birthday darling. May the hand of God continually be upon you. Congratulations

Facebook celebrity alledged drug overdose: Suicide attempt or what

Remember Tochukwu Ebeh,the guy who celebrated his mother as she marked thirty years in the food business? Well,he is in the news again for scary reasons. Read on

Tochukwu Christopher Ebeh
6hrs ago

My name is genesis christopher
My brother tochukwu was found unconscious at his apartment towards the midnight when neighbours found his door stil wildly open at that time which is usual of him like they say.
He was rushed to a nearby hospital and I was called to come down there.
My brother is being checked by a doctor on duty till now.
The Neighbours said he took something and they don't know what it is.
I am waiting on the door.
That is all I can say for now

Honest advice from a lady to men with cheating wives

 This beautiful piece is by Aishatu Ellah John. Enjoy

A man noticed that his wife had been acting strange. She keeps late nights, answers calls codedly, recently she had graduated to staying away from home overnight with different excuses.

Saturday, 15 April 2017

Who wore it better





Morbidly obese baby weighs as much as a four year old

This cute little baby is only eight months but weighs as much as a four year old.
Doctors have confessed that they have no idea how Chahat Kumar, an eight-month-old baby came to weigh the same as a child of four
 Metro UK,reports that Chahat Kumar was born an average weight baby, but as the months went by, she  become morbidly obese,.She now weighs almost three stone.
Her parents who live in Punjab, India, have taken her to the doctor to try to help her, but medical staff complained of their inability  to take blood samples because of the levels of fat and because her skin is harder than that of other children.

#BBNaija winner Efe explains how he coined his signature slang,Based on Logistics

efe explains, efe based on logistics

In a new interview with Punch, the #BBNaija winner,Efe opened up on his stay at the Big Brother House, his feelings for Marvis, the allegation that he stole the ‘Based on Logistics’ slang from another artiste, Debbie-Rise, and more.

Read on.....
On claims that he stole the ‘Based on Logistics’ slang from another artiste
I am sure that those who said that I did not form the slang just want me to talk. They just want to cause a controversy. A lot of things have been said online that is not true. I coined that word in 2013 when I went for ‘Just Bring it On’ reality show. I won N300,000 on the show. I coined the word because they were having a lot of logistics issues in setting us up because we stayed in the house for two weeks. Each time the guy came to meet us, he would say they had some logistics problem so before he tried to explain to us, I would tell the housemates that the matter was based on logistics in that previous show. The show was organised by Kevin Pam, winner of Big Brother Africa 2009.”
Still on the “Based on Logistics” word, Efe in a chat with Pulse Nigeria revealed how it was coined:
It was back in 2013, I actually contested in ‘Just Bring it On,’ organized by Kevin Pam, where I won in the rap category,” Efe started.
So, when in the house, they were having different logistics problem. So, anytime their rep comes to talk to the housemates, he will say ‘because of logistics we couldn’t do this.’
So, before he completes his statement, I will explain to them and say ‘based on logistics, that’s why this hasn’t been provided,’ stuffs like that.
“The slang grew in the house. I kept using it and since then, it has been a regular word for me among my peers and friends.
“I didn’t know it was that significant until I came out of the house. I was confused. Like, I’m currently overwhelmed. I just go everywhere and I hear ‘based on logistics.’
“For me it’s like a normal word like ‘good morning.”
On his relationship with Marvis:
“I only kissed Marvis because that was the only thing I wanted to do. I respect women and I cannot afford to be fooling around with them. For me, kissing shows a little bit of emotion but if it goes beyond that, it means we are taking it to another level and that is why I did not go beyond that. I admitted in the house that I like her but I always knew that it would only last within the house because she has a boyfriend. At first, I thought she was not serious when she said she had a boyfriend but when she said she was serious, I had to be cool.”
Asked if he wishes to visit Marvis’ family:
“I cannot go to Port Harcourt because that is where she is based. We all know how her father is, so I have no intentions of going to Port Harcourt or going close to the place. I don’t have a girlfriend. My priorities are different and I am not moved by women but that does not mean I am gay. Never.”
On his relationship with Debbie-Rise:
“I was never really interested in Debbie Rise and when she came to the house, it was my duty to make her feel comfortable. In the house they told me I had to improve on my niceness because they felt I am not too nice but I tried my best. She took the vibe on a different level so I had to let her know that it was not what she thinks. Her guitar really got on my nerves and I had broken it like 200 times in my mind. Every day I set my eyes on the guitar, I broke it in my mind.”
On claims that he stole the ‘Based on Logistics’ slang from another artiste:
“I am sure that those who said that I did not form the slang just want me to talk. They just want to cause a controversy. A lot of things have been said online that is not true. I coined that word in 2013 when I went for ‘Just Bring it On’ reality show. I won N300,000 on the show. I coined the word because they were having a lot of logistics issues in setting us up because we stayed in the house for two weeks. Each time the guy came to meet us, he would say they had some logistics problem so before he tried to explain to us, I would tell the housemates that the matter was based on logistics in that previous show. The show was organised by Kevin Pam, winner of Big Brother Africa 2009.”
The #BBNaija winner revealed that the show gave him the opportunity of getting on a plane for the first time
“The first time I got into an aeroplane was when I was travelling for the show and I was really shaking. It was a terrifying experience for me when we were ascending and descending. My flight was from Lagos to Abuja and from Abuja to South Africa. The South Africa trip was worse because there was turbulence. There was a man who was chatting with someone and during the turbulence; he was thrown away from his chair. I had to tighten my seat belt and clinch to the chair. That was how I was all through the flight.”
Asked how he intends to spend the cash prize, the winner who previously dished on that, regurgitated his favourite line:
“Based on logistics, I would spend the money based on logistics

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Lady dies after surgery which his Facebook friend dreamt about five months ago.

It was a sad day on Facebook yesterday as many people mourned the passing away of their friend,Onyinyechi Flourish Enyiazu

Friday, 14 April 2017

Man dies while during deliverance in Benin City
A man has died while reportedly undergoing deliverance at Hope Deliverance Ministry, Ukwanga Street, Oselu quarters, Edo State.
In a video gone viral on the internet, residents are seen trooping in to catch a glimpse of the dead body.
A member of the church who claimed to have witnessed the deliverance section said that the victim was proving stubborn leading to the pastor pushing him hard to make sure he fell to the ground.
The victim, who was said to be possessed by evil spirit and needed deliverance, reportedly fell, hit his head on a generator set and died.
The body of the victim was later placed in a car inside the church premises.
 Sister to the deceased, Osas, claimed that her brother was beaten to death.
She said, “They beat him to death. They removed the cloth that he was putting on before, cleaned him up and wore him another cloth. They said they were taking him to the mortuary and we said no.”
The Pastor of the church , Mrs. Ogundaye Isoke said, “We have been taken care of him (the deceased) without money..We save soul. We don’t destroy soul. We don’t kill here; we don’t beat here. If they bring insane people we heal.


Floods take over Anambra roads.

The rains are at it again and people that use roads without good drainages are crying out.
A typical example is the popular Eke Awka Road at Awka ,Anambra State.

What a sight.

Pic....Chukwudi Iwuchukwu

Man dies 24hours after announcing death of wife on Facebook.

Tahir Tijjani Bolori (pictured above)died twenty four hours after his wife.
Tahir was away from home when he got the news of her sickness and subsequent death, he was said to have rushed home from the mosque where he was praying. Getting home, he buried his wife according to Islamic rites.

Tahir was said to have complained about sharp headaches few hours later, and not long after,he died . A Facebook user, Abubakar Ibrahim, has the story....

We’re in the mosque together on Monday for Zuhr prayers when he received a call from Maiduguri, that the wife’s condition was critical and around 3.30 there about, another came that the wife had given up. He immediately left for Maiduguri by road, arrived early hours of Tuesday and the burial for the wife was conducted around 10am on Tuesday, less than two hours of receiving condolences, he started complaining of sharp headache.He was rushed to the hospital and in less than 30mins the rest was history and buried around 5pm. In summary, the wife was buried 10am and he was buried 5pm. May TAHIR’s soul rest in perpetual peace. Just last week he commenced the renovation of our MOSQUE preparatory to Ramadan.”

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Celebrities slay in Igbo attire

These good looking young men need no introduction,or do they?.
Peter Okoye of PSquare looks totally amazing in the famed Isiagụ attire.

This is Ebuka Uchendu,great son of Ọkịja,Anambra State. He was the cynosure of all eyes during his #BBNaija hosting duty. He rocks,right?

Paul Okoye,the other part of PSquare looks very good in the Isiagu attire too.
I heard that the attire does not come cheap. Someone said it goes for between 45 to 50k a yard. Is this true?

Police arrests young man for threatning to release 60 year old lover's nude pictures.

Moses Momoh,is a 27 year old man who is in "love with a sixty year old woman.He was arrested for allegedly threatening to circulate the nude photos of the 60-year-old retiree, identified only as Pat.
Momoh,who is a secondary school leaver struck a relationship with Pat on Facebook after sending her a friend request.
The two lovers conversed frequently on Whatsapp and also engaged in virtual romance and s3x.

It was gathered that Momoh later demanded money from Pat, which the latter refused to give him.
He was alleged to have threatened to post her nude photos on the Internet if she didn’t give him the sum of N1m.
The Benin-based sexagenarian was said to have reported the case at the Zone 2 Police Command, Onikan, Lagos State.
A police source said the Assistant Inspector-General of Police, Adamu Ibrahim, asked operatives in the Criminal Investigation Department to investigate the case and apprehend the suspect.

She said, “In the course of investigation, we discovered that the man lied about his age; he told the woman he was 47 years old. When the woman saw his profile pictures, she queried him. He replied the woman that pictures could be deceptive.
“The woman told him she was 60 years old and since the age difference was insignificant, they started a relationship.
“They were always talking on the telephone, making video calls and having video romance and video sex. The woman was, however, unaware that he was storing the information in his phone.
“She said he later started requesting money from her and when she could no longer bear his frivolous demands, she blocked him on Facebook and Whatsapp. However, the suspect opened new accounts and sent her messages. He also called her with his friend and mother’s telephone numbers.
“He later sent some of her nude photos to her and threatened that if she didn’t send him N1m, he would post the pictures on the Internet.”

The source said the retiree immediately reported the case to the police.
Some policemen positioned themselves at a Lagos hotel where the duo had agreed to meet

Monday, 10 April 2017

Delta State Governor congratulates Big Brother Naija winner Efe Ejeba

The Delta State Governor,Dr Ifeanyi Okowa, has congratulated Micheal Efe Ejeba for emerging winner at the just concluded Big Brother Naija Show. Okowa described Efe as a worthy ambassador of Delta State.
In a statement issued in Asaba on Sunday, by his Chief Press Secretary, Charles Aniagwu, Governor Okowa lauded Efe for being a good ambassador of Delta State, adding that the State Government is proud to have supported talented Deltans to achieve their dreams.
As a state we are very delighted that our son Efe won the #BBNaija competition. We are glad that he related very well with the house mates and survived all the evictions and avoided controversies in the house,” he said.
“He has portrayed the Delta character of being a true patriot and a worthy ambassador of the state.”
Dr Okowa thanked the people of Delta State for making their votes count for Efe.
He  commended the 24-year-old for displaying leadership qualities that has distinguished him as a role model

Nigerians slam into TBoss with funny memes

With TBoss's loss on the 25 million prize money ,Nigerians on  Twitter have come for her.
Read more below....


Nigerians have got no chill. lol

Suspected cultists gun down fresh graduate in Abakaliki

A young  graduate of Ebonyi State University (EBSU), named Theo, was on Saturday, 8th April 2017, shot dead by suspected cultists at a bar in  Ishieke village , Abakaliki.

Theo, reports say, graduated from the Department of History and International Relations Class of 2016.He was said to be coming back from a birthday party but decided to branch at the bar where unfortunately,he was shot dead.


Efe wins

Congratulations to Efe Micheal Ejeba as he is declared winner of the first #Big Brother Naija show.

See how we voted. Efe's biggest threat,Bisola,came in second with just 18.54%,while his boo came last with 1.47%.

Congrats to all. They are made.

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Facebook user trains a poor student in the University

A Facebook user,Emeka Nobis has told a heartwarming story of how he helped an intelligent boy he taught in high school go through University.

Read it all below...

"I served my fatherland after university in Omagwa, Rivers State. I taught Physics and Mathematics to SS 3 students of Community Secondary School, Imogu. That was where I met Wali Endurance. I passed out in 2005. He is the kind of student a teacher would love to have. Punctual, obedient, and enterprising, he became a student I loved. He won my heart when he promised me never to fall to the temptation of exam malpractice. Imagine a situation where your mates were allowed to cheat because their parents pay mercenaries or put them into special rooms. I returned to Omagwa in 2011 to learn that NC couldn't go to university because no one could sponsor his education after the death of his parents. My wife and I decided there and then to take on the responsibility. It wasn't rosy all through, having to pay fees, doll out feeding allowances and monies for books and others. I remember selling my car in 2015 so that I could pay his fees. I'd been stretched financially and I couldn't get loan from the company where I was working. The only option left was to sell the Toyota Camry. When I resigned from my job, he was a bit worried. I told him not to bother that he would finish schooling, even if it meant working my hands to the bones. Today, NC joined other graduands during the convocation ceremony at University of Port Harcourt. As we took pictures, drank and danced, my heart leapt for joy to see the pride in the eyes of his siblings and extended family. A few tears escaped my tear ducts. While leaving, I left a few words with him, "Since I've helped to light your own candle, do well to light the candles of others, even if it is one soul." I'm very happy today. God knows I'd love to be like Bill Gates because when I hear what he does for humanity through his philanthropic gestures, I pray for such. But I rest in the fact that I do what I can at my own level while I depend on God to enlarge my coast. When we touch hearts around us in the small ways we can, we bathe the world with kindness and peace".

See more pictutes...

God bless you,Emeka Nobis.