Friday, 20 November 2015

Laugh out loud Friday

There was a man who worked for the Post Office whose job was to process
 all the mail that had illegible addresses.*!, Facebook post
 One day, a letter came addressed in a shaky handwriting to God with no
 actual address. *
 He thought he should open it to see what it was about.*
 > > *The letter read:*
 > >
 > > *Dear God,*
 > >
 > > *I am an 83 year old widow, living on a very small pensio
 Yesterday someone stole my purse. It had $100 in it, which was all the
 money I had until my next pension payment.*
 Next Sunday is Christmas, and I had invited two of my friends over for
 dinner. Without that money, I have nothing to buy food with, have no
 family to turn to, and you are my only hope. Can you please help me?*
 Sincerely, Edna.*
 The postal worker was touched. He showed the letter to all the other
 workers. Each one dug into his or her wallet and came up with a
 few dollars.*
 By the time he made the rounds, he had collected $96, which they put into
 an envelope and sent to the woman.*
 The rest of the day, all the workers felt a warm glow thinking of Edna and
 the dinner she would be able to share with her friends.*
 Christmas came and went. *
 A few days later, another letter came from the same old lady to God.*
 All the workers gathered around while the letter was opened.*
 It read:*
 Dear God,*
 How can I ever thank you enough for what you did for me?*
 Because of your gift of love, I was able to fix a glorious dinner for my
 friends. We had a very nice day and I told my friends of your wonderful
 By the way, there was $4 missing.*
 I think it might have been those bastards at the post office.*
 Sincerely, Edna*


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