Sunday, 22 November 2015

Sunday of blessings.

Sometimes,you just wake up happy . Happy for no reason. You sing,you laugh at any and everything and above all,nothing makes you angry.
I am having such a day today. I feel totally blessed. You do not have to be very rich,very famous or even very beautiful to feel blessed and loved.
I wish you all a lovely day and God's abundant blessings on every aspect of your lives. Amen.
So,how is your day going?


  1. My Sunday is always hectic and exhausting... Cooking, serving, washing and cleaning for most of the day msheww
    I thank God for the gift of life sha..
    Happy Sunday to y'all!

  2. Exactly. That's the life of a mother.
    We are blessed. Despite all the tiring jobs o

  3. I've been sleeping since morning as I had a hectic weekend. Immediately I closed from work on Friday, I went for my catering class, on Saturday I was on the road so I have to rest today. Hiya

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  4. Amaka,hmmmm. You want to blog,own a catering outfit and even be a billionaire.

    Thanks for the tip

  5. I had a lovely day today... I was favoured by the Most High God today....
    May Him alone be praised.