Monday, 14 December 2015

Do you want to live long?. Please,kiss,kiss and kiss some more

Kissing Is One of the easiest ways to express affection and say I love you. Kissing is a universal language that requires no translation to glean it's message. Kissing  has amazing health benefits.

The Top 10 Health Benefits of Kissing...

1.Those who kiss their partner goodbye each morning live five years longer than those who don’t.
2.Kissing is great for self-esteem. It makes you feel appreciated and helps your state of mind.
3.Kissing burns calories, 2-3 calories a minute and can double your metabolic rate. Research claims that three passionate kisses a day (at least lasting 20 seconds each) will cause you to loose an entire extra pound! It's time to start that kissing diet!

4.Kissing is a known stress-reliever. Passionate kissing relieves tension, reduces negative energy and produces a sense of well being, lowering your cortisol ‘stress’ hormone.
5.Kissing uses 30 facial muscles and it helps keep the facial muscles tight, preventing baggy cheeks! The tension in the muscles caused by a passionate kiss helps smooth the skin and increases the circulation.
6.Kissing is good for the heart, as it creates an adrenaline which causes your heart to pump more blood around your body. Frequent kissing has scientifically been proven to stabilize cardiovascular activity, decrease blood pressure and cholesterol.
7.Those who kiss quite frequently are less likely to suffer from stomach, bladder and blood infections.
8.During a kiss, natural antibiotics are secreted in the saliva. Also, the saliva contains a type of anesthetic that helps relieve pain.
9.Kissing reduces anxiety and stops the 'noise' in your mind. It increases the levels of oxytocin, an extremely calming hormone that produces a feeling of peace.
10.The endorphins produced by kissing are 200 times more powerful than morphine.


  1. All this benefit for kissing??


    Make i go find my missing rib abeg!! I want to live long.

    1. Bia, go n find money empty stomach u use kiss?

    2. Bia, go n find money empty stomach u use kiss?

    3. Money first before kissing @ Martin Aboy

      True talk..

    4. Make una leave Aboy o. Let him start practicing mbok

    5. Lol @Blackberry and stellamaris..

      Una don hear my madam na;she say make i begin practice...
      Any gobe that comes out;im sure she is capable to handle..kikikiki


  2. I love kissing anyway, it's what I do best.....but no one to kiss for now!

    1. The person is coming. Dont worry

    2. Thanks Girls!!! I pray o

  3. Too much benefit for kissing..

  4. Wow Ilene...
    Someone directed me here...didn't know you own a blog!...
    Nice one...guess here will be my second home...*SpreadsMat*...
    Bring gist abeg...

  5. Kissing with the right person is heavenly. I hate the taste of lipstick anyway