Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Farting is very good for your health.

Just like with burping, farting may be rude, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad for your bod. This is another way your body releases the gas that builds up inside of you and it’s pretty important to not, uh, hold it in.

Releasing this gas helps to relieve that horrible bloating feeling you can get after eating sometimes. Not farting can actually be pretty painful. If you really need to do it, I wouldn’t suggest letting one rip in the middle of all of your friends – awkward.
So,go ahead. Fart away and if anyone complains,tell that person to fart too as it has health benefits.


  1. It's only Nigerians that take this fart thing to heart...
    White people no send you...they will fart at your face sef and act like nothing happend...

  2. if you are in the habit of suppressing fart, in the long
    you are going to have difficulties releasing in the
    future, this is one of the common reasons for
    protruding stomach. so next time that natural gas is coming, never hesitate to let it out, if it require excusing yourself from the crowd, pls do. you'll be doing yourself a great favor.

  3. That's how one German man came to my office and was releasing it without remorse.

  4. I do mine with easy
    Don't care who is behind me.lol