Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Kemi Olunloyo Vs #Linda Ikeji(although LIB has not replied her)

Do you know Kemi Olunloyo,alias The Governor's daughter?. She is spitting fire about the "240m paid to a popular Lagos blogger".


If the money(if it is truly that amount) is for consultations,what's the noise about then?.

*faints severally.

credit. HNN/FB.


  1. If that amount was actually paid to linda not to run A story;does it make linda guilty of any charge??

    Its her business and whomever decides to advertize or do any sort of business with her regarding her blog doesnt in any way mean that linda has A question to answer to anyone...Cos you paid for A service which she rendered to you(running A story ie if its true)..so whatever source the money came from isnt and shouldn't be her business/problem..

    We all do different bisiness and when A client is to come to your office requesting for A service from you or your company;do you start asking the client "Oga /Madam,i hope this money isnt stolen or belongs to the government??

    If you can answer the above question sincerely;then you know the truth already..

    The only time i think linda would have A problem with the above accusation is if truly the property was "GIFTED" to her and was bought with the government's money..

    Thats the truth cos business is business;while A gift is A gift!!

  2. Yeah. Anyways,it is unfolding. I pray it doesnt get worse than this

  3. Crazy woman..
    This Linda's house is really driving a lot of people mad oo lol. Wetin success dey cause


    1. I pray it doesnt get worse than this o

    2. @ Sassy Mum.I tire oooo.
      Well said

  4. She didn't do anything wrong

  5. Did dasuki mention 'linda'? So far he's being naming names n linda hasn't popped up, if she was paid not to run a story, then it's not a crime, cos if they give me that kind money to 'shut up' I will collect, afterall I was on my own n u came, what am I guilty of? Nothing!! Broke ass kemi.

    1. @ Blackberry chop knuckles.
      Me too will collect & clean mouth..
      Dats business.

  6. Hmmmmm

    The rant doesn't make sense!

    She mustn't blog everything

    Choosing not to blog one and also getting paid for it is a HUGE blessing sef**

    I only smell envy*