Sunday, 17 January 2016

Late Night Post::Guys,be warned,we love what YOU love and more.

1.Guys love girl.
Yeah,girls love guys too,but we don't always show it.
2. Guys talk about sex always.
Yes,girls talk about sex too.
3.Men stare a lot.
Women stare,but they stylishly do so.
4. Guys flirt.
Yeah,ladies invented the art of flirting.
5.Men get excited and it shows,they get hard.
Women get hard too but it is hidden in our undergarments.

6. Guys fantasize about their partners' best friend. Yes,he wants to sleep with her.
Hmmmmm. Ladies fantasize about your best friend,boss,colleague,pastor,FATHER,brother etc. But ,the beauty of it all is that she does not go about foolishly showing it.
7. Men cheat and 89% of them are caught at it.
Ladies cheat too and only 10% are caught at it.
8.Men are crafty.
Lol. Guess who invented craftiness.
9. Men love sex
Women love sex too.
10. Men love big boobs.
Ladies HAVE boobs.
11.Men love hard babes
Women love it haaaaard in bed.
12. Why do men love big butts sef?
Why do women love 6pack sef?.
12.Add your own.


  1. Men r dogs, they scatter their poop for d world to see.

    Women are cats, we poop, but d world never sees it!

    Who's more careful? Lol
    Men r so so naive! Hahahahaaaa

  2. Daniella EventsJanuary 17, 2016

    Blackberry,i agree with you. We are smooth operators.

  3. Women are too much.

  4. Smooth operators?. My hand no dey o

  5. Men pretend

    But women stylishly do so

    Will be back

  6. I always ask my dh why do men like big ass women ,even white men go crazy when dey see ass