Sunday, 10 January 2016


Many have prophesied,but here comes the latest from Irene Onye Amúma.

1.Oritsefemi will propose to Rita Dominic and she will........
2.Two top MARRIED Nollywood actresses will fight over a Senator and their pictures will flood the internet .
3.Cynthia Morgan will release a diss song for Davido and Davido will share her half nude pictures on the internet.
4.Nigerian men are angry. They will start wearing silicon crotch pads for bigger packages.
5. Adele and Kcee will have a collabo that will win a Grammy.
6.Made in China buttpads will flood the market and will disgrace the wearer because they will melt because of slight pressure.
7.There will be a pandemic outbreak of BabyMamacoccus.
8.A blogger will be given a political appointment.
9. SDK will have twin girls this year.
10. The 5k promised unemployed youths will be increased to 30k.
11. Inyanya will get married.
12. A new phone app will be invented. It is called SnoopAlert. It will stop wives from snooping.
13. Any man that climbs another man's wife will remain there until Fresh Party wins the Presidency.
14. A Nigerian will win a great Prize that will shake the nation.
15.Ed Dreams will relocate from Jupiter.
16. A new sex style will emerge. It will involve the ceiling fan,rope and whip.
17. Non-commenters will bo owed salaries till they start commenting.(yeaaaah)


  1. Hahahahahaha. That silicone is not a bad idea for men

    1. It is a bad idea. Infact,it is a 419 move on the side of men.

  2. No 15,16,12,13. I am still laughing. I sent this to a pal and she is lhao

  3. Lmao Irene you funny!!!!

    1. Laughter is d best merrecine for this hard January

  4. No 9 will come to pass soon
    Irene idi kwa funny ooo
    Lol @ no 2,6,12,15,16

    1. Lol. Come to my Prophetic Ministry n hear more.