Tuesday, 12 January 2016

My near rape experience

I got the news two weeks late so i had to leave everything i was engaged in just to travel down to my school campus . We were to pay school fees for another session. We were done with exams but by no fault of ours,our activities trickled into the new session,so,pay we must.To make matters worse,the deadline for the payment was fast approaching and failure to pay,means 50% surchage.
By the time i got to the bank the next day,it was filled to the brim.Post-UTME,Postgraduate students,Pensioners etc.
Luckily,i got to the counter . That was where the ordeal started.
A lady was behind me and even begged me to help her pay as she was tired of standing. I agreed and some minutes later,her bag or an umbrella was digging into my right thigh. I shifted a bit and the object shifted with me.
I just turned a bit and said,Please,keep that thing well. Someone said ,sorry. I faced the clerk who was attending to me and i leaned on the counter. The "umbrella/object" now resumed it's activity and something flashed in my brain. OMG,that may be a man digging. I turned,lo and behold,a man was using a laptop bag to cover his crotch. Well dressed man o. So,i asked him what the problem was and he said ,nothing,that he was trying to see if the cashier will help him. I didnt accuse him then because i was not 100% sure of what happened. Some minutes later,he started again(the bank's network was down as always so we spent hours there). This time,i was ready. Immeadiately i felt the prod,i stepped down hard on his right shoe with my heels and turned. I told him that his cup was full and that he must face sexual assault charges. He could not deny because he had a hard on. I was pissed and there was a slight commotion in the small banking hall. The CSO of the bank came and called us . I told him i was not going into any office because the assault took place in the open and man must be punished there. At long last,he was made to leave the hall after a shame-faced apology to me and the bank CSO.
After he left,people were talking,asking why he chose me out of all the ladies in the hall. One said maybe because we were almost the same height and he didnt want anyone to see him bend while "chooking".
This experience made me to be wary of men in tight places ,be it church,bus or banks.
Now,that experience makes me shake my head in wonderment and also make me wonder why some men have zero self control.


  1. E dey happen on queues steady, uncontrollable 3rd legs.

  2. Some men are so shameless, no self control whatsoever. That's why they keep raping babies and toddlers.


  3. Well. I have self control