Sunday, 31 January 2016

My Testimony.My Thanksgiving.

Whenever i do a mental rewind of what happened on this day,i shiver and i shiver some more.

The family was on a road trip from Port Harcourt,Rivers State to Benin City,Edo State when i encontered something that got me crippled with fear.
At Ughelli,we decided to have lunch. If you know Ughelli well,you will know that the Okada men there are very careless. We turned at an intercession and started driving down to that popular eatery. In a bid to avoid an Okada man,we stopped a bit at the shoulder of the road,completely off the road o. That temporal parking saved our lives.

A trailer,out of nowhere,at full speed,drove past us,very close to us that it clipped the driver's side mirror. I was dumbstruck. I said,Oh Jesus. The reckless driver did not even stop.
Then,the Oga came down,looked at the side of the car,entered the car and drove to the eatery. I remember asking him why he was checking the car,that he should enter the car and drive off before another reckless driver hits us. I was shaking but the man was cool. Later ,he told me he was terrified of what would have been,but one scared adult was enough.
Everybody ate but i did not. I was sweating in a cool car.
I was quiet throughout the remaining part of the trip. I was that scared.

l thank God for everything and i promise to always love and obey HIM.


  1. On my heavens. This is so touching Thank God for little mercies

  2. His mercy endures forever..

    God is faithful.

  3. Daniella EventsJanuary 31, 2016

    Irene thank God.

    1. Thank God for the life given

  4. Divine protection shall continue to abide with you and your family. May God be praised.

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  5. Drunk trailer drivers terrorise drivers on that road. Thank God for your lives

    1. I wish they'll have their own roads.