Friday, 1 January 2016

Prophecies that never came to pass

Goodluck Jonathan will conquer 3 men “During the prayer/fasting, the Lord showed me three men trying to bury Goodluck Jonathan. Each one of them was trying to bury him one after the other, but as they pushed down his head, he rose up again. After the third man pushed down his head, he thought he had prevailed, he was already jubilating but suddenly Goodluck rose up.”

2. PDP will come put on top “The upcoming election will be very tough for the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) but they will win the presidency.

3. Jonathan will rule until 2019 “The 2015 elections will hold but will be peaceful in some areas and not in other areas. As it is, from what I see at the moment, PDP will win, amidst serious criticism.”

4. There will be bloodshed “With the level of bloodshed I saw, it is better Goodluck goes now to his village quietly. 2015 election is another June 12. 

5. ‘I will be the next president.” “I came into the race because God directed me to contest the election. God told me categorically that I will succeed President Goodluck Jonathan and I believe what God says, hence, my resolve to contest the forthcoming presidential election,”  – Alliance.

6. Jonathan is the divine voice “There is no vacancy for Buhari at Aso Rock. President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan is the verifiable divine choice of the forthcoming presidential election.” –

7. Buhari will faint Though he(Buhari) will give Ebele Jonathan tough time, he will accuse the PDP of rigging the election, go to court but justice will not prevail. What a pity! I see him fainting and uncooperative to ensure the peace of Nigeria after his defeat

8. Kaduna will be bloody “Kaduna is going to be very bloody. PDP may take Kaduna, but it’s going to be by narrow margin. Yobe, Gombe, Benue, Delta, Akwa Ibom, all those states will be won by PDP.” He also said, “This election is a lesson for him and there are still lessons for him to learn if he now gets it back. He still needs a lot of prayers. But in the midst of all the ups and downs, he may still have a very slim chance of winning the election. I don’t see any landslide victory at all between him and Buhari.

9. Election will be inconclusive “God has revealed to me that if at all there is going to be a presidential election, it will be inconclusive just like the June 12, 1993, election that we had during the time of late Chief M.K.O Abiola.

10. Jonathan will retain his seat “I am not a politician nor do I belong to any political party. I am just speaking God’s mind. The person sitting on the seat might not be perfect but he will retain the seat. It’s not guesswork… President Jonathan will win, but he has to pray about his health and so many political blows.” –


Culled(names of Prophets removed by me)


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