Friday, 1 January 2016

So you think you are tall?.

I love this picture. This lady is tall. Very tall.

You know,sometimes,tall people wish they were short. I have a relative ,16 and 6ft+ tall. She hates her height because she told me in her department in school,she is the tallest girl. In her hostel,she is the tallest. She is very self-conscious about her height. I saw this picture and showed it to her.
l told her that I sometimes feel the way she feels but most times,that height difference between you and the "normal-sized " lady works for your good. I told her that I rock my heels and wedges and I sometimes feel on top of the world that way. I used to wish I was smallish but now,that wish has gone with the wind.
Short or tall,all are created by God.


  1. Is this photoshop?

  2. She's taller than d roof?...

  3. Amazing. and am like {this height is beyond my sight o}... please is this really real or some doctored image?

    greetings from leXHansplaCE

  4. What is this? A giant or what?

  5. Bloggie P,she is a giant. Not only tall,but fleshy.

  6. Hahaha she no reach me in that aspect. Anyway thank for sharing.