Tuesday, 5 January 2016

STOP!!! Sex can kill you


Can sex actually kill you?

If you provoke it, sex can mark you for death. Don't make yourself a target in sex's eyes. If you're feeling heart attacky, avoid it altogether or have sex when death isn't home; you're 2.7 times more likely to have a heart attack during or just after sex.
You'll also want to sidestep the many diseases sex has set out for you by using a condom and/or not sleeping with every thing that wears a skirt. . Lastly, you're at least 100 times more likely to die from sex if you kill yourself during sex, so keep the choking and the bondage thing to a minimum until after you're done.
More men die from sex exertion than women. Again,if you are going out with a much older man,NEVER ever use this mantra on him....Harder,harder,harder,because he may die on top of you.



  1. I'm literally rolling my eyes here

  2. Oh. You think sex kills only men? it doesnt

  3. Chooo ,nothing is sweeter than sex

  4. LOL.
    I thought I was reading a XXX site.
    Well done Irene B.
    Na your way be this.

  5. Lmao @harder harder harder
    Kolo woman lol

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