Monday, 18 January 2016

This is the rat that brings Lassa Fever to humans.

CAREFUL: The name of the rat that harbours the virus that causes Lassa Fever is called multimammate rat( bcos it has many nipples like all these local street dogs after delivery). While the botanical name is mastomys natalensis. There is also an upsurge of the disease everywhere. So we should all practice hand washing hygiene.

Also all apple lovers should wash them with salt and warm water before refrigerating them to eat. Everybody and the wives should avoid testing of dry garri by chewing them for starch in the market. All garri soakers should let go for now. The problem is that most of our garri sellers in the market buy their garri from bush markets. These garri are often fried half dry and are subsequently dried on polythene sheets on the tarred roads or compounds in the villages. These rat dive in at will, to feed their hungry bellies and in the process defecate and urinate on the garri, which dry up with it. If used for Eba, the virus may die bcos of the hot water used. But if soaked, the virus is directly ushered in. Please do not joke with this precaution, except you process your cassava yourself.

Note: Please,do not touch any rat just to know if it is this specie pictured above.


  1. God forbid bad thing. See how ugly it looks. Tueh

  2. Lol..but it needs to be touched, just to know what u r dealing with.

  3. Lol..but it needs to be touched, just to know what u r dealing with.

    Dear Lassa baby, First of all, your fada! In fact, if no be say I be Sudon, I for say make thunder with small lightening fire u. Abeg no vex say I wan curse u.
    Wetin come be ya own na?
    When Bird flu came, we were told to forsake chicken, we reluctantly obeyed.
    When Sister Ebola came, we were told to forsake bush meat, we obeyed.
    And now you, you just came & without the fear of God in you, you say make we forsake garri! Garri ke? Garri uwa?
    How can, imagine me that likes to drink garri once in a while with chilled water to cool down my temperature come de avoid am.
    Habaaa! maka gini?
    Do u know how helpful and important Garri dey to Nigerians especially Nigerian students???
    Honestly, if Nigerian students swear for you, your tenure no go last reach anoda one week. Nonsense!
    Before u go relax wela, make u call ur sister ebola, ask am wetin hapen to am wen im enter obodo Naija. No be person tell am to rum when im body tell am!
    Call ur uncle birdflu, we deal with am sotey e no fit kill ordinary fowl again!
    No be say I de threaten u but Be careful ooh, thanks.

    Saw this on fb. I don't laff tire.