Wednesday, 3 February 2016

First Bank,Artillery Branch ,is on fire.

The First Bank branch situated at 2nd Artillery,before the Bridge Bus Stop is on fire.
I happened to be transcating business at the bank when the fire started. We were told to leave the banking hall,some did and some did not. A while later,we filed back to the hall(because we saw no evidence of fire then) and that was when the real deal started.The fire started upstairs and the acrid smoke was choking and we all filed out again.
By then,there was thick smoke coming out from the roof. A worker,who is pregnant,was seriously coughing and feeling very uncomfortable. I ran to help her and that made me not to get on the spot pictures.
Fire extinguishers were used while waiting for the firefighters.
I just hope the Firefighters have water in their tanks.


  1. Replies
    1. Amen o. Our money don born plenty

  2. I live at Okporo road and we didn't even know what was happening. Thank God no life was lost

  3. Thank God. May he continue to protect us