Monday, 29 February 2016

Help!!. This is a cry for help.

I live in the South South end of the nation. The region is known for it's rain. In years gone by,we would have had the first and subsequent rainfalls by now. But as of today,29th February,2016,the land has not tasted,seen or felt the soothing powers of the rain.
Now to the main issue at hand;HEAT. My city is hot,as in H.O.T. You wake up to a damp bed and soaked nightie. Sometimes,you check yourself to see if you mistakenly urinated on the bed at night.

No matter how much you use the air conditioners,you must still feel the heat wave. You must go the market,mechanic's,church etc. It is that bad.

I am not a scientist but I have a solution to the he's menace. Wear nothing at all or wear light clothes. Other solutions abound too.


  1. Lagos,AbuJa,Bayelsa and all cities here suffer the same fate too.

  2. Peace MensahFebruary 29, 2016

    Asaba is boiling hot.

  3. This heat is terrible!...
    I pity any pregnant woman...

    1. I pity them too,no be small thing.
      Ontisha is very hot..

  4. Father.pls Ooooo send down the rain