Saturday, 20 February 2016

I am officially beefing these ladies.

You know,gone are those days when a flat assed woman was the belle of the ball. Nowadays,it is the endowed lady that rocks the party.

You know ,in it's hallowed mercies,gave the African woman the booty in abundance. Unfortunately,some did not partake in this divine blessing.We feel left out,but as an African adage goes,"When the desirable is not available,the available becomes desirable".
Man,of course,is blessed with a brain filled with ideas. So,to my bootyless or half bootied ladies,have this and strut your stuff jor.


  1. I hate fat assed ladies. The lady in balck pants is ok

  2. See their short legs...
    I can perceive the stench from those FAT ass from here...
    They look dirty mehn...nothing sexy about these old women!..

  3. Hahahaha.
    Queen,have mercy na.

  4. Lol...I prefer a full arse to flat arse o.