Friday, 12 February 2016

Please,help me answer this

Your ex knows what you love. So,if he comes bearing that gift,is it right to accept it?


  1. No. She should collect from her husband alone

  2. Let me go anon on this. Me and my ex separated cos his family said he will never marry an Ibo girl. He is a Prince from Yorubaland and as a poor Ibo girl,i accepted my fate. He later got married n we kept in touch.
    2years later I got married bt my ex was abroad,he promised to see me when he came back. When he came back,we meet somewhere and he said I should say what I want as a wedding gift. I just jokingly uttered Electronics. He took me down to LG shop n asked me to select everything I want. I took gas cooker, flat screen,many things. He even added toaster,microwave n juicer himself. He called a pickup from his office to take it home for me. My husband came home n wen I excitedly told him who gave me those,he said I should return them. I didn't.

    1. Eyaah,he really loves you. So,what happened afterwards?

    2. U for take gadgets, phones, tablets,plenty n sell some. Be smart.