Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Shame!Shame!!. Two women fight over a man.

At Mwiki in Kasarani area of Kenya, two women decide to show the energy in them before onlookers. Guess what?. They were fighting over a man.

The worst part of it was that onlookers just stood there without putting a stop to the fight. . This is so sad.

Ladies,if you find yourself in this situation,that is,if you meet an aggressive girl in your man's house,please pick up your bag and beat a hasty retreat.

Just look at the pain the lady in the picture is going through.I believe her hair will be pulled out from the roots.

pic credit:FB


  1. The dude must be among the onlookers. Maybe he does the piping well

  2. Ndiara.com

  3. Dem no pass ashewo