Monday, 7 March 2016

An author indeed

What's makes an author? 
An author is someone who has the gift of story writing. The grammar and sentence structure have to be right.

What makes an editor? 
An editor is someone who goes through a manuscript and corrects whatever is wrong in what the author wrote.

So,it was with great shock that I came across this book cover. The 'about the author' part is simply about murdering English. One school with a lousy Proprietress will soon give out this particular 'gbagaun-filled' book to it's students. 
The phone number of the Publisher is there. They must edit that book,by fire by force.


  1. Peace MensahMarch 07, 2016


  2. Lousy author. Lousier editor. Dumbass publisher

    1. I don't think she employed an editor.