Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Angry Soldiers invade PHCN office,flogs Distribution Officer mercilessly

The Sub station distribution Officer of a PHCN sub station in Abeokuta was flogged mercilessly by soldiers due to poor power supply to their Barracks. The soldiers alleged that their barracks receive only five hours of power daily.
They promised to come back for the Officer if power does not improve.

Na wa. That means people in my area should go and flog the PHCN people here abi?. Our bill has doubled and no improvement in power supply.
So,how's light in your area?. Good,fair or generator 247?


  1. Haaa! Soldiers shld go flog minister of power na, dem see 5hrs dem no happy..Its a terrible situation.. Gen 24/7 o. If dem bring light,I don't bother turning off the gen,cos it never stays beyond some mins...! Nonsense govt..nonsense country

  2. Ihave not seen light for 4 days now.

  3. Ihave not seen light for 4 days now.