Thursday, 3 March 2016

Ese Oruru and her Unborn child

This is the Ese her family remembers.
This is Yunusa,the abductor of Ese and as his father said,he worked for the Orurus for some years.
This is the Ese that came back to Bayelsa. Tight faced,angry looking and pregnant.

Last year,I wrote on a Facebook forum about abortion and it's effects on the teenage girl. This was when there were rumours that some of the Chibok girls may be pregnant.
Now,ESE is five months pregnant. Yunusa's father said his son did NOT cohabit with Ese. There are insinuations that Efe was impregnated by a highly placed man. So,in your opinion,what should happen to the unborn baby?. Should Ese deliver this child?.


  1. If it's for the Emir,they should leave it.

    1. So that he'll be a Prince of the Emirate or what?

  2. Abort!abort!abort

  3. 5 months is far gone o.she gats deliver the child..

  4. Deliver wetin?...
    A boko haram evil child?...abeg they should take her to a good gynae and do the needful!....