Saturday, 5 March 2016

OMG. This is not Wande Coal

Wande Coooooooooooal. Wande is one of the best male vocalists in Nigeria. With this huge weight gain,I wonder if he can still maintain that pitch.
Wande,I hate it when I hear people refer to you as Santa Claus. Lose some weight bro,it will do you good. I was on that journey not long ago,so I know how difficult it can be.So,I am not fat shaming you.


  1. Wande had always been huge. He just added a few weight

  2. Irene, u talk like say em go read this ya memo hehe

    My own be this their pose sef.. what is happening? Na doggy things? Kikikiki

    1. Hehehe. Who knows? He may or someone will read and tell him

  3. D outfit is a no no jor.. Lose some weight wandie.. U still remain one of my fav vocalist

  4. Damn but a man should not be fat.