Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Please,let me ask this question. Is this election about Gov Wike and Hon. Amaechi?. Why this battle of supremacy?. Their statement are slowly heating up the polity and this is very bad.
People should be allowed to exercise their franchise.
Governor Wike is the Governor of that great state called Rivers,so the protection of lives and properties lie in his hands as the Chief Security Officer of the State. No one should stop him from doing his work.

Good luck to the contestants in this rerun elections.


  1. Sadly this s wat it has com to; battle of supremacy..

    1. My dear,everyone is scared of what may happen on Saturday.

  2. Port Harcourt has being spoilt by wike and Amechi. Shame

  3. I am scared of coming to Ph again. I went to secondary school there.