Saturday, 16 April 2016

Beautiful Nse and her new skin colour

In Nollywood,I doubt if there are up to three actresses that translate their scripts the way Nse does.
I will never forget her role in that Emem Isong film that brought her to limelight,Guilty Pleasures?.
I will never forget that "kiss" she shared with the raspy -voiced Majid Michel.
Recently,Nse's skin has taken the Tonto way. Bright,shiny , beautiful and store bought. Please,let me ask?. Is there any clause in the actors contracts that say they must shine brighter than their futures as the days go by?.

Anyway,Nse will soon come out to say," I am not bleaching. I am now using Dead Sea Salt to exfoliate,that is it.

You look beautiful though.


  1. She is not bleaching,just maintaining. Her colour lol