Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Beautiful places 1

Oh. This place is divinely beautiful,peaceful and I can just imagine how heavenly it smells.
This will make a great place to propose to your lady or gentleman. Yes o,what a man can do,a woman can do it better,so says the woman. Lol

I can see myself walking hand in hand with my boo,watching the flowers,hugging,whispering and generally intentionally bumping into ourselves(for fun). Then he points out something to me and I rush over to touch it,when I turn to show him what I found,there kneels my hearthrob,with a diamond ring in his hands(it must be diamond o), and with tears in his sexy eyes,he asks me to marry him.

Of course,I will be shocked,I will squeeze out tears and say Yes,I will marry you. Big catch. The oyibos will of course start clapping and taking pictures of us. Deep inside of me,I will hope the picture makes it to E!
Yes. I am that romantic and a fantasy Queen.


  1. This is a very beautiful place.

  2. Makes me feel claustrophobic..

  3. Makes me feel claustrophobic..

    1. Hehehehe. It's a bit like an endless tunnel

  4. I'm just imagining the smell there. Too much