Tuesday, 26 April 2016

My Initiation into the World of Sugar Parentism

I did not know what to expect but what I saw when I got to the venue of the party left me dumbfounded. Excitingly so.

Let me introduce myself. I am a working class lady,married,pretty,dark complexioned,a fitness buff ,rich and above all,well connected. I come from a family you can call old money and everybody was disappointed when I married a "nobody". Jide and I separated when I was twenty three because he had the maturity of a nine month old baby(apologies to all 9 month old babies). That mummy's boy Jide was the boy my parents chose for me. Tufiakwa. He was childish,crazy,a spoilt brat and above all,spends money as if it was going out of fashion. I left him and he did not even cry over me. Foolish thing.
Years later,I met a nice,young man and we got married,had kids and are now bent on building an Empire for them. My husband is the caring kind of guy but his job is a big point of worry for me. His job takes him away from home for weeks. Once,he even spent months abroad.

His expensive gifts were not keeping me warm at bed time and I wanted more from my husband but his job did not allow that.
Sometime last year
,a casual friend invited me to her birthday party. Her thirtieth she said. I declined the invitation because I loved attending parties with my bae who was on a "mission". She told me to come alone that she will keep me company. I believed her.
The dress code was "Sassily Sexy". I did not know how a sassily sexy attire looked but i was ready to find out. I bought some fashion magazines and leafed through them,looking for what will suit a shy,curvy mother of two. I settled for a short white,clingy dress. I chose white because I have never worn a white dress to a party and I felt white will be great because of my warm skin tone.

On the d-day,as I put on my dress,I felt like a million bucks. I know I looked good. Infact,too good. I drove to the venue of the party and when I walked in,I was disturbed because what I saw was simply amazing. I was thrilled,I was elated and I felt like a child in a candy shop.

To be continued.

This is purely a work of fiction.


  1. Intresting story....Waiting for part 2..

    1. Thanks dear. Part 2 loading

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    1. Can't wait for d part 2

      Pls be fast.

  3. AnonymousMay 01, 2016

    Finish this story please.

  4. AnonymousMay 01, 2016

    Finish this story please