Saturday, 16 April 2016

Pray for these guys. Always.

We love them,don't we?. They are tall,good looking,have muscles in the right places ,drop dead gorgeous and sexy as h*ll.

Do we at all know what their jobs
descriptions are?. Ok,top secret. Forget all we see in movies,these guys are gods. They do all they can to keep us at peace. While we sleep,they work. While we work,they still work.
They leave their families behind and into places they may have only heard about or even never heard about. Do you know they cry just like us,the mere mortals?.

Bravo,to the Armed Forces everywhere. You guys rock.

Pic..World Armed Forces.


  1. Are you an army person?

    1. Nope,but I have many as pals. These people are great

  2. Nice blog. I have an army boyfriend but he is too harsh in everything. I don't know how to leave him.

  3. I hate this profession. Imagine dying for what you know nothing about