Saturday, 9 April 2016

Sexy RMD.

This is Richard Mofe-Damijo. Cute RMD. He has white beards now and i do not like it on him(as if my opinion counts. ).
I have many male friends that have this white biabia and truth be told,the beards look good on some of them.Some look simply bad. If i were a man,i would have had them white beards because we gray early in my family. If you do not have white hair in my family by 25 years of age,then you are not 100% a Bernards.
Back to the matter,RMD ,abeg,the beards make you look old and you are not. Yet.


  1. If I have white beards,i will dye them. I hate it

  2. I like white beards.. It suits him jor.