Thursday, 14 April 2016

Shocking; Married taxi driver dies during sex romp with his mistress

A middle aged taxi driver,(in his 50s)reportedly slumped and died after a sex romp with his mistress at Lanjorin,Muritala are of Ilorin,Kwara State.

According to reports ,the man died after telling his wife he was going for a three day prayer vigil.
It was reported that the victim slumped during the act and the mistress's scream attracted neighbours who took him to the hospital. Unfortunately,he was rejected by the hospital.
The wife later arrived at the scene and lamented that the husband told her he was going for vigil at the locality,not knowing he was going to a woman's house and to his death.
The man's body was later taken to the morgue by the policemen.



  1. Over excitement. Maybe he met a tighter hole

    1. Lol @ tighter hole.

      Rest in peace Oga..

      God console d wife.