Wednesday, 13 April 2016


Hello ladies. It is nightfall and as we all know,many things come with the night and this is where the Wonder Working Fruits (WWF) come in.


The watermelon is a refreshingly sweet fruit that tastes so nice. It contains a lot of water and it is good for weight watchers. Weight issue is not what i am driving at tonight though.

Banana: Banana is another great fruit that contains Potassium. Potassium,they say,is good for High Blood Pressure patients. But high bp is not the topic of discourse though.

Apples: Apples are sweet and come in different varieties. We have the deep- red soft ones and the green/red crunchy ones.Apples may be a bit pricey but they will work well for what i have in mind tonight.

Now to the main gist. Do you know these fruits can save your marriage or partnership?. These fruits will make you taste good.
Ok,try this. Eat watermelon in the evening,let your partner go down on you and what is he tasting: Watermelons. Same goes for bananas ,apples and other great tasty fruits. To make it better,know your partner's best fruit,eat it always and watch him stay downstairs for long without coming up for air.
So,next time you see women buying a lot of fruits,my dear,buy yours. It is not all about the nutritional value,it is all about the fun these fruits bring along with them.

You understand?