Wednesday, 20 April 2016

This market called Oil Mill

If you live in the South-South of the nation,have relatives that live here or even live far away from the Oil City of Port Harcourt,you must have heard about this great market called Oyil Mill market. The real name is Oil Mill but the residents and those that know better call it Oyil Mill.
This market operates every Wednesday and if you are going anywhere near where it is located,be prepared to be held up in traffic for a period of time.
This market is located at Rumuokrushi/Eleme junction,opposite Elelenwo Junction on the busy Aba Road. People come from far and wide to transact business in this market. The market is known for it's diversity. You can get anything you need from this place. Clothes,foodstuffs,shoes,books,infact EVERYTHING.

Sometimes,you will see frightening things in this market.I remember seeing a very gigantic fish in this market. Very big. Also,crayfish is everywhere in this market. Seafood is the order of the day in the city and there is an abundance of it in this market.
Oyil Mill market is a place any Port Harcourt lady can boast of. Chanel ,Louis Vuitton,Prada,infact every original designer bag can be bought in this market. Shoes of all sizes,makes and prices can be found in this market. This is one place you can get shoes as low as #200. Truth.
I remember one funny experience I had at Oyil Mill years back. My sister and I were busy buying "dry" fish when people started running. We did not know what was making them run but we gladly joined in the race. I was putting on a white top and it was the middle of the rainy season. Many people were falling,many were screaming and some were crying. We were all running for our dear lives without knowing the cause of that race of life. We all ran and got to the gate but we could not run through because the gate was almost blocked by human traffic. A very fat lady has fallen and for her to get up was a herculean task. People were pushing and shoving and in the process I lost one of my shoes. I ran back and took the side gate and came out to that filling station at Elelenwo. All of us that ran out from the market did not know what caused the race. We were all breathing hard.
My sister joined me some minutes later and we were all thankful to God we made it out in one piece.
Many people lost their possessions; phones,bags,wristwatches,gold chains etc. We were all asking ourselves what the problem was. I called the Mama Kalabari(the fish seller) to know if she ran with us but she said no,that the speed with which I ran off baffled her. She told me to come and carry my fish and "oporo",but I told her to send her son to bring it where I was as my legs were still shaking.
Nobody knew what caused our race. The next week,I called someone and he told me what happened.

We ran and nearly stomped ourselves to death because TWO BOYS WERE FIGHTING. One of them ran and was shouting and the people that saw him joined in the race and almost everyone ran that day.
Lastly,if you go shopping at my beloved Oyil Mill market,please,as my Aba brothers would say,"Hold ya bag wellooooo".


  1. Cani buy good phone charger from there

    1. Nope,but you buy any kinda charger at MTN

  2. My younger sis lives in Port Harcourt. She always tell us tall tales about this market. How you can buy everything imaginable at a cheap price. Na true?

  3. I heard about Oil mill in the early 2000's. I'm yet to go there

  4. Oil Mill is ebeano

  5. I have never heard of such market.