Saturday, 9 April 2016

Welcome to the worst weekend in Nigerian Fuel Scarcity History

The situation is terrible. What the heck is happening.? 

April 7th has come and gone and the only thing that happened at the filling stations is that the queues got longer and the people more aggressive while waiting to buy the product. This is not good for the image of the nation.

The Police do not have fuel,so how will crime be fought?. I was at the PHCN office to complain about the very high bill I was given but the whole office was stuffy.No light for fan and no fuel in the generator. Too bad

President Buhari is the Petroleum Minister while Dr Ibe Kachikwu is the Minister of State for petroleum. These are two men.
Mrs Diezani Madueke was the petroleum Minister under President Jonathan and we never had it so bad. Is this a clear case of What a man can do,a woman can do it better?

Dr Kachikwu,please swallow your "petroleumic and testetorone-infused pride and visit Mrs Madueke wherever she is. She left with the magic wand. 
Bring it back please.


  1. Petroleumic? Runs to fetch my dictionary

  2. .....and testestorone-infused.
    Na Saturday Inglis o

  3. I don't like talking about the fuel issue. It is very bad here.

  4. It is better today. Someone bought for #250