Wednesday, 4 May 2016

A Masquerade can create job for 1,000 men.....Lai Mohammed

Lai Mohammed,the Minister of Information and Culture,says that the dressing of Masquerades could create a thousand jobs per week for Nigerian men.

Speaking at the sectoral debate at the Federal House of Representatives on Tueday, Lai Mohammed said most states have one festival or the other.
"Most states have more than one festival a year,but the packaging and lack of capacity has not enabled them to make the most out of these festivals.
"There is one masquerade in the South East and it takes one hundred men to dress it and another one hundred to undress it.


SMH. Now they want to turn us to ekpo,ịga or what?. It is well.


  1. This government is filled with old men that know not what they are doing.

    1. Sick man

      He should start with his family 1st


  2. Smh.. Wat kinda talk is Dis? Masquerade kwa! Smh

  3. truth be told, employment in places not tapped is a waste... a develop country will take advantage of this but in naija here, we youth take everything as joke... look deep inside and let's tell ourselvs the truth... Its very true and possible...