Sunday, 8 May 2016

Domestic Violence (DV) and the Nigerian Wife.

Domestic violence comes in all forms. Physical,Psychological,spiritual and so on.
Not too long ago,a man was stabbed to death by his wife while he slept. He was killed when all his defences were down.
Two days ago,another one happened. A man killed his wife,took her phone,locked the door with the two kids inside (with their mother's body and ran away)

A man that kills his wife and the mother of his kids is a devil in human form. Before domestic violence gets to the stage of one being killed,it must have been going on for quite some time.

If your man hits you once,he will do it again and again and again. The problem with victims of DV is that they keep saying,"he is not the man i married,something is wrong,he will change". She keeps giving excuses while the man rewards her with WWE-inspired blows and kicks. Ladies,get this into your heads,he means to KILL you. Forget that he will change mantra,he will only change for the worse.

A victim of DV is always ashamed to tell what brought about the bruises and tears on her body. She blames everything but the giver of such wounds. Most times they do not tell anybody what they are g going through and when they do,80% of them will not move out of their matrimonial homes and they may end up dead.

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Parents and Men of God should please stop advising victims of domestic violence to "go on your knees and pray for your husbands". There is nothing wrong in praying for a man that uses every energy in his body to hit you,a man that turns his belts,ties,shoes,tv,infact everything he owns to weapons,but please do it outside of that home. RUN FOR YOUR LIFE.The pastors,friends and frenemies that tell you to stay are not the one to be stomped with Timbaland -clad feet. You bear the pain and anguish alone.

The Nigerian Police Force should please treat reports of DV with all amount of seriousness. The churches and other places of worship should help these victims,stop convincing them to go back home and pray. Please.

Wives,hearken to my voice. If he hits you today,he will hit you again and again. Plan your exit. It is better to walk away alive than to be carried out,dead.

Rest in peace,Madam.


  1. Peace MensahMay 08, 2016

    They newer born the man that will beat me. I will arrange thugs for him.

    1. Lol. You are not married yet,right?

  2. This is painful rip Madam a price should be put on the mans head

  3. This man looks wicked. See his big,black,wicked face. Oponu

  4. I don't understand how a woman would just not raise her hand to defend herself wen a man is pummeling her,what happend to al the bottles or pestle in d house?? Hmmm..Rest in peace madam..

  5. Triple h's wifeMay 09, 2016

    Women,leave your abusive marriage now