Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Help. My close friend is after my husband.

I got this message on my Facebook inbox. She gave me the permission to use it here,provided i do not show her id.

Here it goes...
I have this friend from my University days. We were not close friens then bbut when we met after school,we became close.

She had everything going for her,good job,good car and a rich boyfriend who later married her. Me i was struggling and along the line,i met a man who helped me career wise. He also took me to Dubai and Canada. He felt i needed to see the world.
Unfortunately,we broke up because he did not want to settle down even in the next ten yesrs,as he said. We separated amicably and he even opened a boutique for me to be managing alongside my job.

Two years after,i got married and started having kids. My girl friend also had kids and always came to visit me during omugwo. My mum told me my friend was a chameleon. I did not understand her proverb till months later.
I was on my way from the mall and i decided to visit my husband in his office. Lo and behold,my friend was seated in my husband's office,gisting and laughing with him. She was shocked and so was i. I did not even know she knew where my husband worked. She later left and i discussed with my sweetheart and left. On my way out,i cunningly asked the receptionist if my husband's "cousin" always visit. He was reluctant but told me what i needed to know after some cash changed hands. My dear,my so called friend had visited that office four times. She had never mentioned it,so also my husband.
l believe something is going on between them.I have talked with my boo and he said nothing is going on. want to report her to her husband. Should i do so please?.


  1. Report her.
    She has no right to visit your hubby without u going with her
    Something is right..

    What do I know.
    Am outta the post.

  2. ***Something is wrong somewhere***

  3. AnonymousMay 11, 2016

    Report her but before then,you gats to give her a big warning. Women and jealousy

  4. I think you should talk to her first.. #woman to woman.. If u like sef,threaten to report to her hubby..also,talk to your hubby too,let him know you ain't comfortable with your frend coming to see him, if you tell him you knw about her visiting,u might implicate the receptionist... So drop in on hubby as often as you can with some small gifts and stuff..cook his fav meal, take it to his office. Wen he s home, give him all the ATTN u can give.. Until he forgets dat chameleon frend of yours..

  5. Are you asking. If you are in Lagos contact me,i will tidy her for you at a cost

  6. What did you tell her about your man?.

  7. Something fishy is ongoing. Let her work it out silently.