Thursday, 26 May 2016

I am relocating to Ekiti State

Some may see it as a wrong decision but I just cannot help it. I have never been to Ekiti state but I heard it is a good place to live in. I love Gov Fayose and if all Ekiti men are as brave as he is,then I need to go there and live in the midst of brave men.

I have lived in the Garden City for years and relocating to Lagos is simply out of the question. That town is too fast and noisy for me. Sometimes,when I look at the Lagos crowd,i wonder where all the people are rushing to. Sorry,i digress.

Back to Ekiti. Twice, Gov Fayose had stopped his convoy just to sample some pomo or even buy them. My question is;what is so special in Ekiti pomo,that a Governor,will forget his Security needs and stop to buy them. 

There is only one way to find out


  1. AnonymousMay 26, 2016

    I believed you o. Lol. Btccr

  2. I hope youll enjoy ur stay in ekiti if u least cheap rent,cheap food,cheap transportation and fayose dey do stomach something,Heheheheh...but Lagos and its craziness is sweeter..

    1. Lagos,chai.
      A pal that visited once said we are living a very lazy life in PH.After visiting Lag,I agreed in toto

  3. Carry me along ooo,...aunt

  4. Our land will welcome. Try amala too

  5. Pomos are juicy. You need to eat one dipped in peppery stew