Friday, 20 May 2016

Laugh out loud

I saw this picture late at night yesterday. I do not know the distance from Apapa to Ikorodu but Odunlade's facial expression made me laugh out loud.
See his mouth.


  1. These areas are farrrrrrrrr apart o..they have no choice but to postpone the meeting o

    1. I dey tell you. 4 - 5 hours on N145 per liter, make we go hold am for Benin City na. Mowe - Ibafon down to Apapa ke?

  2. Irene B I will tell you.

    Going to Apapa is not the problem but coming out. It is not about the kilometers you will cover back to Ikorodu but the number of hours you will be in traffic driving bumper to bumper from any street in Apapa to a place called Airways in front of Flour Mills Company. It is suicidal. Trucks everywhere going to load and coming out.

    Then hours after you smuggle your car out of the Apapa traffic you do the second madness at Ijora - Ijora Olopa, then the Ikorodu Road expressway you end up at Ketu traffic, real jam. And you proceed to Owode Oniru motor spare parts market, jammed traffic again except LASTMA(eko traffic managers) are on duty. Thereafter you pass Seven Rivers and land in Sabo Roundabout in Ikorodu for final jam.

    It's a crazy arrangement. Instead of you to fix a meeting in either Burma road or Creek road in Apapa for me. I will gladlly pay for a lunch meeting anywhere in the Mainland or Island. It's the best 4-5 hours of browsing if you trust your driver to manoeuvre.
    Apapa ke? Kuku kii me. If I hear?

  3. Gbam xp.. Heheeehehe kii me join o .. Lmao..

  4. Call it missionary journey. Very far and traffic jam too