Wednesday, 4 May 2016

My initiation into the world of Sugar Parentism.

As a very quiet lady with few friends and few outings,what i saw when i strolled into the party venue was a scene out an oyibo movie. The decor was simply heavenly,the lighting dim and twinkling in tiny bursts. I stood a bit at the doorway trying to locate the celebrant. But i could not. A male usher or so came to me and asked me to follow him. Where he took me was a cozy part of the hall and that was where the real action was taking place. There were male dancers,young with tight and rippling muscles ,but what baffled me was their attire. Tight shorts that hid nothing and oiled muscles. Jeez. I also noticed that my friend was busy laughing with one that was giving her a lap dance.

I took a seat and waved at a passing waiter for a drink. I was sitting,nursing my drink and watching the scantily dressed guys.
My friend saw me and came over. Two of the dancers followed her and before i knew what was happening,one of the dancers sat pat on my laps. I was suprised but it turned to excitement when he started this erotic dance on my laps. He held my hands and put on his pecs and moved the muscles so much that i quivered. Damn,i thought,so this is what goes on in parties. I loved what the guy was doing ,it was a great feat for a guy to be twisting and thrusting his hips and also be making his muscles quiver.
I am a social drinker,but i was at a party ,so i need to drink to my fill,leaving off at the brink of drunkenness. The dancers soon finished their routine and took a bow. We moved back to the main hall and that was when i noticed that the males at the hall were not husbands. They were too young to be the husbands of the ladies there.

I was sitting,sipping my drink and paying no heed to the lady chattering beside me,when the cutest beings i have ever set eyes on walked in. I was staring so hard that the chatterbox stopped talking and followed my gaze. As if the taller guy knew what i was thinking,he turned,smiled at me and winked. That was when i literally fell in lust.

to be continued.


  1. Nice one,

    It's been four weeks since I heard from Jeffrey, he doesn't pick my calls and when he replies my messages on WhatsApp it's like am chatting with a stranger. I noticed one thing about Jeffrey recently after posting new photos on Facebook he writes #stellawork, so does his whatsapp status read.I kept asking myself, who is Stella? Is she the one taking my place in my boo's life or is she........... continue....  

    miimi's diary  

  2. #imaginationmode.activated# pls continue Irene.. D suspense is too much o

    1. U are right!

      Irene has very wild imaginations! She didn't start it today. To have it she comes off as shy*

      Irene did u get married as a virgin???

      U didn't explore much ooo, mayb that's y ur head is messing with u... lol

      Nice story nontheless

    2. Lol.
      My opinion,abeggi oo

  3. This is so nice. I am just imagining things in my head. Please continue

  4. This is so nice. I am just imagining things in my head. Please continue

  5. I had to look for the first part. You are trying.

  6. Continuation pls Irene.
    Sweet one.