Monday, 9 May 2016

My wife was cheating on me and she was very temperamental. I swear i did not kill her.

 Lekan Shonde is the name of this man who allegedly killed his wife at Egbeda,Lagos State. According to reports,Lekan claimed that Ronke was cheating on him with her General Manager. He also said that his wife went to Abuja ,spent four days with her lover and above all ,was answering a call without knowing he was in the house. He said that his wife was telling her lover she had a good time with him,how her privates was still hurting from his love making and how her husband makes love like an amateur.

He claimed that for years he had been the sole bread winner,that he gives the late wife #5,000 and #3,000 for soup on Saturdays and Tuesdays respectively.

Shonde maintained that he did not kill his wife,that he only slapped her. Asked why he locked the children inside the house,he denied locking them in but said the son must have done that.

"I want to see my children. Bring them to me. You may not see me again. I am a Lagos boy and i can hide in this Lagos for thirty years", he said. He has also threatened to commit suicide.
But in another report,his mother-in-law has been quoted to have begged him not to commit suicide,that she has forgiven him(they are not in contact though). Shonde has been making calls,contacting people and pleading his innocence.


  1. It is only the law that will declare you innocent.

  2. This man dey lie sha.. Den why did u run? How wld ur son see his mom dead and den quietly lock himself in? Just come outa hiding and face the law!