Thursday, 12 May 2016

Now that fuel has officially risen from N97 to N145.

I believe everybody must have heard about the increase of fuel from 97naira to 145naira a litre.
We don enter,you might say,but whether we like it or not,Fuel is now 145 naira and the product is
not even available.
In a radio programme monitored this morning in Port Harcourt,many people who called in called for a reduction in the new pump price of fuel. Few of them called the increase a step in the right direction.
People are also of the opinion that the price should have been pegged at N100 for now,then maybe increase it in two years time.
They believe that what the people in government now criticized the Jonathan government for,is exactly what they are doing. The former President,Dr Goodluck Jonathan's plan to remove fuel subsidy in 2012 was greatly resisted by Nigerians.Reason being that an enabling environment should be in place before the subsidy can work.
Now,the subsidy has been removed and we will start buying from 145naira a litre.
My question is: Do we have an enabling environment now?. Do you have light,good roads and other amenities in your area?.


  1. Not finding this 145 per lit funny.. At least,they should have made provisions to cushion the effect or better still, leave at 100 or not even put a fixed amount.someone wld now spend almst twice the previous amount on purchasing fuel. Buhari and co, this isn't d change u promised o.

    1. Yesterday,i complained at the 130 a litre i bought fuel. The attendant said,Aunty,fill ur tank o,next time it will be more than this.

  2. I am a trekking expert so nothing spoil

  3. The problem is that Nigerians are under a fucking spell.

  4. Learnt we are back to 1984 when there was austerity measure. Pity.

    Let's pray NLC sorts this mess.