Friday, 20 May 2016

OMG. See what these fishermen found in their waters.

These fishermen,from Obuama,in Rivers state Nigeria,were amazed to see what they caught.

According to reports,at first,they were a bit scared because they have never set their eyes on that kind of creature before.

They brought it to shore and people could not believe their eyes. Their disbelief ,anyways,did not stop them from cutting the poor creature into bits and turning it to smoked"fish" or delicious/extremely spicy "fish" pepper soup---Rivers style.

A relative at Obuama confirmed this story and even said the two men are mini-celebrities now. Lol.
I pray they do not go killer Shark-hunting sha.

The creature is a manatee.


  1. Mehn.. Seee meat for ths peeps.... Meat dat wld last fr weeks

  2. Riverine people believe that nothing that lives in the water can kill them. This is the truth

    1. Seriously? Isn't that risky? I had a nervous tic looking at the lacerated sea animal. Ewwwwww

  3. Is it anything they see they eat?