Thursday, 19 May 2016

Stop and think.

Social media have come to stay,whether we like it or not. Yeah,they make things easier but I tell you,they make things bad too.

Communication is much easier now than decades ago and one can fall in love at the snap of one's fingers via these channels. Now,you cannot commit a crime and go scot free. Except nobody around has a phone .
Before the advent of social media,societal ills like rape,adultery,kidnapping,etc went unreported but now,you have to be very careful when you are even going into a hotel alone because somebody may take your picture,spin one false story and circulate it.

Sometimes,we get so lost on social media that nothing else matters.
We jokingly say things . I remember clearly when I jokingly mentioned a huge amount as my salary . That was on SDK. That expensive joke taught me a huge lesson because people remembered that for years. Lol.

A lady is the butt of e-attacks on the blog now. I believe that something she said when she came newly to the blog was said in jest. Abi?.

Blogs,Facebook,Twitter,Instagram etc are made for our entertainment,but some people have turned it to WWE Steel Cage Match.

We joke,we lie,we cuss,we love,we hate. That is social media for you. By the way,bear in mind that someone you know may be that person you are hating on in a blog.


  1. True talk but too much drama on social media.

    Na wah oooo

  2. well said.

    1. How you doing? Is it ready?

  3. Well said. People lie too much on blogs.

  4. Word!! Too much craziness on social media n Google never forgets...

  5. I. true. Google is not really your friend in situations like these.

  6. AnonymousMay 20, 2016

    Kikikiki. I remember that day on sdk. It was crazy

  7. I dont talk about myself on social media. I never grab