Monday, 2 May 2016

This is so true.

There is always this one guy you can tell everything. Your fears,indiscretions,one night stands,hopes and aspirations. Infact,everything.
Most atimes,this guy is madly in love with but you do not even notice that because you have friend-zoned him. He always gives you good advice on who to date,you may fall in love with that sinfully cute guy who of course is a certified player. He dumps you and you run back to your friend and complain,rave,rant and cry on his shoulder. He,of course,warned you about the player.

That one male friend is your protector,infact your one man army. When he cannot take your heartbreaks any longer,he solves it his own way. He does this by professing his love for you,telling you how he has been in love with for ages. There are always three kind of reactions to this love talk.
You start laughing ,run away(movie-like) or start shouting at him for trying to take advantage of you.

Some do not profess their love,they continue to die in silence and fall in and out of relationships like a ball. Too bad.


  1. Replies
    1. Hmmmmm

      The one person watching m'back is who I am dating!

      Had some years back though! So I get...

  2. I had a friend like that in school. Her spec was bad boys and I always had the hanky ready

  3. Of course there is. And then you get married and vroom you are given 30 commandments like " that guy must not call you again". Ooooh no.

    This soldier can come arrest me. I will do the time. Kikikiki

  4. This soldier is sooooo sexy.

  5. I dint read a word.. All I see s a sexie soldier...

  6. Abeg what am I not seeing?

    Still looking for the sexy 'soja'

  7. Women love who they will cheat. If I have a girl like that,of course she must be my babe too.