Wednesday, 18 May 2016

To strike or not to strike.

NLC has it's factions which are giving us different instructions concerning the strike.

The TUC says,NO STRIKE. The other says,NO WORK. GO ON STRIKE.

I miss the NLC of Adams Oshiomole. That NLC was what a Labour Union should be. United to an extent and their strikes were really strikes. I remember when Oshiomole was dragged on an Airport tarmac by Security operatives. Did he give up? No.
The President has even warned workers by saying: No work,no pay.

Abeg,how is the strike in your area?. Is it on?.


  1. Oshobaba was NLC president? Didn't know that

    1. Seriously? Yeah,he was. Very stubborn alutaguy then.

  2. Ya its on... Oshobaba was d best NLC president we ve ever had.. Let's see wat d new one wl achieve

  3. To strike honestly. In solidarity, though it's a private firm, all tools were downed in my end, strike allowance paid, so I am home.
    Aluta continua. Victoria ascertia.

  4. Rivers state has two NLC heads. One is on strike,one isn't.