Thursday, 9 June 2016

A little girl lights Facebook on fire

A girl wakes up and puts herself up for crazy bashing on Facebook.,
What she did?. Cool down and follow the gist jejely.
Do you remember Thelma Nkwocha of the " If my boyfriend cannot give me 50k to make my hair every week bla bla blah

This girl decided to copy her and came up with her bla bla bla which reads;

The "people" came for her

The the comments started rolling in, in all their fury and glory.

The people took her post seriously and made sure she felt their anger.

Why does everyone call her dirty?
See her full picture below and know if you agree with the comments


  1. She was joking but got what she wanted.
    Attention girl.

  2. AnonymousJune 09, 2016

    She is extremely dirty. Tueh.Looks like a malnourished housemaid

  3. Na wa, even if it's a joke she shouldn't post such thing.

    Due to Myopia, I started using medicated Eye-glasses while I was much younger (5-7 years old) and as a result of that, it earned me lots of funny and weird names like: oju igo{bottle eyes}, 4 eyes e.t.c It got worse in secondary school because the names then graduated to continue....  

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  4. Craving dat attention..but negative attention is still attention