Friday, 24 June 2016

AY has a new face. Good genes or good doc

I just showed I watch E!. Good gene or good doc. Lol.

AY is a popular comedian whose Comedy shows are one of the best in the country. In his shows,new acts are discovered.  

He is married to a very beautiful lady,Mabel. Now,the main reason behind this post is about AY's new face.

AY's new face.

Recently,AY has been flaunting a much smoother and much clearer face. Now,let us analyse AY's new face.

1. The complexion is smoother
2. The full lips are now thinner.
3. Eyebrow lift.
4.Nice haircut.
pimple free face
forehead rejuvenation

whatever it is you did please continue


  1. Peace MensahJune 24, 2016

    The lips used to be always cracked. It is better now and I say nice doc

    1. Lol. You are very observant

  2. I didnt even notice any change in him but looking well,there is change

  3. Buhari is really keeping up the change

  4. This man's lips used to annoy me. Always cracked and peeling. Then his face always oily. Thanks to madam he has changed