Friday, 24 June 2016

Gov. Ayo Fayose is a disgrace and he is dragging the family name in the mud.

 Mr Oluwaseun Fayose,who is the older brother of the controversial Ekiti state Governor,Ayo Fayose,has come to say his brother is an embarrassment to the family.
. "I totally disagree with him. I do not like what he is doing.He is dragging the family name in mud.I read in national dailies that Ayo Fayose was inciting Ekiti people against herdsmen
.I have never seen where a leader talks like this before.

He continued,"I spent most of my life in Europe. I left Nigeria in 1976.My children are still there. I want to be able to come home. I do not want to be harassed. Let it be on record that I do not support this kind of aggressiveness in governance.".

Yeah,he is an embarrassment but he IS THE GOVERNOR..


  1. he also had issues with his late younger sister

  2. I have missed this blog. Nice job ma