Tuesday, 28 June 2016

I am MARRIED but i prefer s3x dolls to my partner.

What if you are married and your partner prefers s3x dolls to you?. What if you are in a relationship and your boo flaunts a life size doll as his partner?. Can your heart take it?.

Senji Nakajima,61,a married father of two,says he has found love with a doll. He claims he loves his new girlfriend,the doll,because she is not only after his money.
He lives with Saori(as he calls his doll),in his apartment in Tokyo.

He takes Saori shopping,buying sexy outfits for it ,sleeping with it and even taking it on fun rides.

Speaking of Saori,he says,"She never betrays me,not after only my money. I am tired of modern rational humans. They are heartless".

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He moves Saori around in a wheelchair also fantasises that it is his first love ,though sexier now.

Daily Mail.


  1. God forbid!!!!
    He needs serious deliverance with koboko.

  2. I don't blame him. Ladies are something else these days.

  3. Old man disease. First love never fades

  4. Kinda funny Lool..trying to imagine him pushing around, sleeping,shopping for a non living thing.. Lol

  5. That's why he will soon die....he needs no life