Thursday, 16 June 2016

Instagram novice,that i am.

You know,i love Instagram. I love seeing beautiful,young,buff,curvy and sexy people. IWhenever I see a picture on Instagram,i check out the brows,the shoes and the hair. In that order.

I remember the first time I landed there,i was like a fish out of water. I just went about liking people's pages(is that what it is called?). Oh,following,not liking

From Psquare to Patoranking to Craze Clown. Everybody.Lol. I am a quiet lady of few words. I love gragra people,so I followed Laura, and as someone that loves shoes(unfortunately I have big feet and big shoes are not always cute),i follow shoe shops. I love bags so I follow Mustay Place. I love fashion,so I follow asoebi. There are also many other fashion houses I follow.

It was hard at first but I am trying o. I am a digital immigrant, so navigating my way through some stuff may seem strange. I am a Facebook Egberimama. I sabi dat one because there,you write and write and write,and that is one thing I love doing.

I love beautiful things,i love people,i love love stories(they make me cry),i love tall,dark and handsome men(dont we all?),i love watching crazy videos,i love staring at well made dresses(i stare because I want to rearrange the fabric in another form in my head).

Again,i found out that Instagram is heaven on earth. There,everyone is happy,rich fair in complexion and bootylicious. What do the posteriory challenged do na? 

I love Instagram. I am already happy,so I plan to stick. I am Irene_bernards there. Come and teach me some ropes. 


  1. AnonymousJune 17, 2016

    I remember my GS class now. Digital immigrant is an insult abeg. I will follow you there just follow back

  2. Instagram is cool